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Best Compression Long Tights for Men, I like SKINS A400

Best compression long tights for men, I like SKINS A400, tight-fitting sports equipment has become popular all over the world. People like to wear tights and tights to exercise.

Best Compression Long Tights for Men

The people who are passionate about sports have always loved sports equipment – compression tights. With the advancement of technology and the strengthening of manufacturing technology, there are more and more “black technologies” for sports equipment. From the shark skin in the pool to the spring shoes on the runway, it can be said that it has brought a lot of help to the athletes. However, shark skins and spring shoes were too technically to stay on the historical stage and were banned eventually.

This article will introduce the black technology products in daily life. That’s right. It’s the sports equipment.

Since the 21st century, tight-fitting sports equipment has become popular all over the world. Both men and women like to wear tights and tights to exercise. On social platforms, wearing tights is very attractive, and tight-fitting equipment has good performance.

Tight-fitting equipment is not only to attract attention, its main advantage is unbound when sporting. Unlike traditional clothing, the tight-fitting equipment is close to the skin, and the movement is very smooth during sports. Most of the sports tight-fitting equipment is made of quick-drying material to ensure that it’s dry and breathable during sporting.

Since there are so many advantages, what should we pay attention to when choosing?


There are many brands and categories of tight-fitting equipment, but there are only two major categories in the market. They are tight-fitting equipment and compression equipment. The compression equipment was born After the tight-fitting equipment. It can be said that the compression equipment is an upgraded version of the tight-fitting equipment, which adds a lot of “black technology”. Such as UV protection, support, compression, temperature control and so on. But it’s doubtful that all these technologies are superimposed on one product. From the beginning to the end, people have different opinions on the performance of compression equipment.

As for the actual feeling, everyone’s experience is different. This article will talk about the compression pants, which is SKINS from Australia, a famous brand.

Compression Long Tights
Compression Long Tights

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SKINS Skins:

SKINS’s compression equipment A400 series is a product of its main push. Its performance and experience are suitable for most sports enthusiasts.

In the design of the outer packaging, we can see the sincerity of this Australian brand. The drawer type carton has high hardness and strong pressure resistance. The box is full of technology and product pictures.

Preliminary experience

SKINS A400 compression pants:


SKINS has a wide range of compressed products, A200, A400, DNAmic, and the latest K-Proprium series.

The A400 is divided into black warriors, stars, black gold, offset printing, etc. The weight and color combinations make the brand’s value and performance both. The A400’s offset printing is also the latest in the A400 series. I have been wearing training for half a year now. I remembered that it was very hard to wear for the first time. It took a few minutes to adjust the details, such as knees, ankles, etc., . If you want to experience compression equipment, you need to be patient.

Whether it’s tight pants or compression pants, nothing can be hidden when you wear it. It’s crystal clear that It’s muscle or fat. Of course, the shaping effect of the A400 is still quite good.

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The compression pants are very tight for the fixation of the waist. The dimensions before wearing are only about the width of the thighs to ensure that there will be no loose feeling during the movement to make the movement dripping.

The fat of the waist will be squeezed at once after wearing compression pants, which is also the time to identify whether you should increase the amount of running.


The quality of the knee joint determines the best comfort during exercise. The knees have the most activities during running. The A400 uses more delicate fabric, soft and elastic.

Detail work

The A400 compression pants offset version uses a seamless stitching process. The connection at the hips, knees, and trousers is very good, and there is no friction and discomfort after wearing.

The main role of offset printing is in terms of appearance. It’s a bit imaginary which claims to reduce wind resistance. It is undeniable that it will be much more cool than the pure black version.


SKINS A400 compression pants:

There is a very obvious feature when exercising with compression pants. That is the second skin, which is impossible with many tight pants. Compressed pants are as close to the skin as the second layer of skin. No matter how you move, the compression pants will move along with the skin and fit very close. Of course, you should choose the right size first. What needs to be reminded is that the smaller is better than the bigger.

During running, you can feel that the A400 gives the legs more support and compression. The whole body is wrapped, and it feels very powerful.

You always feel friction with the traditional sweatpants, but there is little sense of restraint with Tights when running. During the exercise, the armpits, knees and other parts, still feel inadequate fit, although you have choose the right size, that is what the tight pants have been unable to do.


Compressed pants are not recommended to wash by machine, because it will greatly reduce its performance. In winter, you’d better use warm water, but the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, so as not to reduce the life span of compressed pants.


Some people say that the actual performance of compression equipment is similar to tight pants. Everyone’s feelings of experiencing are different. Even if it is a psychological effect, if it is a positive effect, it is also very helpful to athletic.

As a general runner, you don’t have to worry too much about the black technologies, as long as you feel comfortable with it. For this point, most of the compression pants and tights can be done.

Tights are much cheaper than compressed pants. The price of tight pants is around 100-300 yuan. Compressed pants, like SKINS or 2XU, are more than 500 yuan. Therefore, in terms of cost performance, tight pants have a huge advantage.

As for the experience, I prefer to compress pants. The sense of fit and support is better with them. The last thing to be reminded is that you’d better don’t choose the compressed pants too cheap, because you may buy fakes, which not only without black technology but even feeling worse than tight pants.


Compression pants: strong compression, strong support, good breathability

Tights: good breathability and good comfort


Compression pants: the price is slightly higher, the purchase channel is less

Tights: a slight lack of fit, weak support

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