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Best Unisex Compression Pantyhose

Best Unisex Compression Pantyhose of 2022

The term pantyhose usually makes people think that it is women’s clothing, so in order for men to wear it, fashionable people gave it another name called “mantyhose”, that is a new word of A neologism born from the combination of “man” and “pantyhose”, no matter what they are called, women and men’s pantyhose have the same design, and even their materials are almost the same. More and more men are beginning to wear pantyhose or unisex compression pantyhose.

Especially if people suffer from a medical condition, the most common use of compression pantyhose is related to medical purposes, whether it is to recover from surgery or to relieve the pain and discomfort of leg related diseases. Both men and women wear them to treat or prevent varicose veins or circulatory issues.

In the table below, are the 8 best compression pantyhose (Unisex) we will introduce to you in this post. If you like this compression pantyhose reviews post, you can share it on your social media

Unisex compression pantyhose

Compression Stockings and Compression Pantyhose are the same product. The difference is that they are called differently. These names are derived from the names of online products. In this post, we all call it compression Pantyhose.

#1JOBST Compression Stockings & Pantyhose (Closed Toe)$54.15 Buy on Amazon
JOBST Compression Stockings & Pantyhose (Open Toe)$53.95 Buy on Amazon
#3MEILYLA Compression Pantyhose (2 PCS)$37.89 Buy on Amazon
#4MEILYLA Compression Pantyhose (1 PCS)$20.88 Buy on Amazon
#5Juzo Compression Pantyhose Open Toe$115.19 Buy on Amazon
#6Juzo Compression Pantyhose Closed Toe$115.19 Buy on Amazon
#7Absolute Compression Pantyhose & Stockings Open Toe$32 Buy on Amazon
#8DCCDU Compression Pantyhose$25.99 - $26.99 Buy on Amazon

Note: The price of unisex compression pantyhose in the above table is from the latest price at the time of publication of this post. Considering price changes, you need to check the latest price.

JOBST Compression Stockings & Pantyhose

Compression Class: 20-32
Beige / Closed Toe / Open Toe
$54.15 (Closed Toe) / $53.95 (Open Toe)

Compression Pantyhose Reviews
Unisex Compression Pantyhose Reviews
  • COMPRESSION STOCKING – A high-quality unisex garment with the goal of encouraging fluid flow in your circulatory and lymphatic system. Start wearing these medical compression stockings a few hours each day and you will notice the difference in how your legs feel.
  • ALL DAY WEAR – Don’t purchase the same stockings over and over again. These tight socks are made with soft spandex yarn and have a reinforced heel which makes them comfortable for all-day wear. Enjoy these closed toe socks for years to come.
  • WASHING MACHINE SAFE – You may wash your compression hosiery by hand or in a washing machine. To protect the stockings, make sure to place them in a mesh laundry bag and only use warm water and a mild detergent.
  • EFFECTIVE – These medical hosieries offer precise gradient compression along with comfort and style. Strong and effective, start making improvements in your leg health today using JOBST Relief!
  • COMPRESSION CLASS – 20-30. Use these compression socks to help treat varicose veins and oedema. They can also be used to prevent recurrent venous ulcers. Make your legs feel amazing again with JOBST Relief.

MEILYLA Compression Pantyhose (Mix, XXL)

Compression Class: 20-30mmHg
Beige / Black
$37.89(2 PCS) / $20.88 (1 PCS)

MEILYLA Compression Pantyhose
Unisex Compression Pantyhose Reviews
  • These pantyhose are smaller than regular one. It is recommed to choose an upper size.
  • Suitable for the Crowd — Compression provides relief from minor to moderate swelling, aching, spider and varicose veins. It is beneficial for individuals who stand for long periods of time and is ideal as a daily dress and travel.
  • Graduated Gradient Compression — 100% pressure at ankle and compression lessens gradually up to calf (70%) and thigh (40%). This Graduated compression pantyhose with 20-30mmHg firm support helps ease discomfort from spider veins, leg & ankle swelling, edema, tired aching legs.
  • Comfortable & Soft Matrial– Made of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex, high quality material is friendly to skin and ensure the highest level of comfort. Closed toe design relieve foot pressure and pain, promote feet health.
  • Easy to Put On–A trick for putting them on is to wet your fingers so it’s easier to grab and pull the stockings up. You can wear them all day under leggings or jeans, you will even not notice it. If you are a lady, you can show your sexy legs under your skirt.

Juzo Compression Pantyhose

Compression Class: 30-40mmhg
Beige / Black / Chocolate / Cinnamon
$115.19 (Open Toe) /  (Closed Toe)

Compression Pantyhose Reviews
Unisex Compression Pantyhose Reviews
  • LIFESTYLE: Does poor circulation prevent you from enjoying things like riding a bike or working in the garden? Juzo’s medical compression garments are specifically designed to help manage symptoms like achy legs, swelling, and spider & varicose veins so you can go about your daily activities.
  • DESIGN: Our best selling compression stocking is also our most comfortable stocking. Designed for both men and women and is available in regular, short, and petite lengths. They’re also made of soft elastic fibers and available in both open and closed-toe options.
  • COMPRESSION: To improve circulation, graduated compression stockings are often part of a management plan. As you move, graduated compression stockings apply pressure to support the calf muscle and outside of veins to help the valves close. The compression starts at the ankle and gradually decreases as it works its way up the leg, helping to improve circulation, manage your discomfort/swelling and give you more freedom to move.
  • MATERIALS: This compression stocking was made with Juzo’s FiberSoft technology, which wraps every elastic fiber with soft protective threads. This material makes it easier to put on and has increased durability for repeated use. It’s the ultimate stocking for consistent comfort.
  • CARE: Machine or hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry or machine dry on very low temperature. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Do not iron.

Absolute Compression Pantyhose & Stockings Open Toe

Absolute Compression Pantyhose & Stockings Open Toe
Unisex Compression Pantyhose Reviews

Compression Class: 20-30mmhg
Beige / Black
85% Nylon – Compression Pantyhose for Women
Made in USA
Absolute support delivers physician-prescribed elastic compression therapy guaranteed.
Please see updated Size Chart Provided in pictures. Sold Per pair – Made with 78% Nylon/22% – Strong compression pantyhose please size accoringly may be hard to get on and off
Helps prevent and relieve moderate to severe varicose veins for post-surgical and post-therapy treatment to help prevent the reappearance of varicose and spider veins. 

Buy on Amazon 

DCCDU Compression Pantyhose

Compression Pantyhose Reviews

Compression Class: 20-30mmhg
Beige / Black
$25.99 – $26.99

Why choose DCCDU Medical Grade Unisex Compression pantyhose? Approved!
20-30 mmHg Therapeutic Firm Support, Graduated Gradient Compression Design.
Comfortable for all-day, everyday use.
2020 Upper Grade.
Silky, smooth-knit texture and a soft stay-up top designed for wearing comfort.

Buy on Amazon 

What are compression pantyhose for?

Compression pantyhose are specially designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling.

They may be prescribed by your GP if you have a condition that causes the poor blood flow in your legs, such as:

varicose veins (swollen and enlarged veins)
(when your body’s tissues swell up)

Can men wear compression pantyhose?

Of course, men can wear compression pantyhose. Pantyhose for men exists and can be bought online. Sometimes they are also called waist-high compression stockings. In this post, I will choose some compression pantyhose (of course also includes unisex), if you don’t mind buying and wearing women’s large size compression pantyhose, there is no problem. also, you can wear unisex compression pantyhose.

In the above table, there are 7 unisex compression pantyhose, I think there should be one that can meet your requirements.

Unisex Compression Pantyhose
Unisex Compression Pantyhose Reviews

Unisex Compression Pantyhose

Unisex compression pantyhose can satisfy men & women’s normal everyday outfits. In fact, men wear compression pantyhose can help your legs feel healthier and more energized throughout the day. In this post The unisex compression pantyhose we introduced can also bring benefits to people who want to improve blood circulation during exercise (and add a layer to keep you legs to warmth in cold weather), these compression pantyhose can be very convenient online Buy.

At this compression pantyhose reviews post is there any pantyhose you like above? In the next post, we will introduce you to the best compression pantyhose for women.

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  1. The compression pantyhose I wear is Sigvaris 20-30mmHg maternity closed toe pantyhose. Unfortunately Sigvaris does not have unisex close toe pantyhose so I have to buy and wear women’s pantyhose. The fit is perfect for me but I feel odd when I order pantyhose for myself that are women’s.


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