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Best 2019 autumn men’s pantyhose

The 2019 Autumn has already arrived, Many men may want to wear men’s pantyhose if they are not in a hurry. If you don’t know how to choose and buy men pantyhose suitable for men’s wearing, then I suggest you reading this article.

Autumn is coming, men can also wear pantyhose on the legs to keep warm. you should know that men and women’s legs are the same both need to keep warm. Long ago there were very few shops selling men’s pantyhose on the market, so many men can only buy women’s pantyhose. Now the network is very convenient. there before many men embarrassed to buy men’s pantyhose or women’s pantyhose in stores. now can very convenient to buy pantyhose online by you pc or mobile.

You should know the basic skills when buying pantyhose online. general says you can buy pantyhose from 50D to 100D in the fall.

Autumn Men’s Pantyhose Suitable For Gym Wear

Tights with extra high Cotton proportion. The combination of skin-friendly and breathable material is responsible for the incomparable and luxurious wearing comfort. Your veins function is supported with a support strength of approx. 14 mmHg without your having to forgo comfort.

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Color: Black

  • 55% CO 32% PA 13% EL
  • soft and smooth wearing comfort
  • opaque
  • reinforced heel
  • spoils the legs during the cold season and in the transition period in autumn and spring
  • outside: microfibre, inside: natural cotton plus high elastical Lycra

Sheertex Unbreakable Pantyhose Suitable For Men

If you wear women’s pantyhose, it is easy to breakable. If you want to buy a good quality pantyhose product, I think only SHEERTEX is the best choice. SHEERTEX’s Unbreakable Pantyhose is very suitable for men, of course, they designed and manufactured for women, but you can buy a large size.

$99.99 Buy on Amazon

Color: Black

  • The world’s toughest unbreakable sheer pantyhose, powered by patent-pending SHEERTEX Knit Technology
  • Lasting 10 times the number of wears of standard pantyhose
  • Sheer-to-waist design, comfortable non-slip waistband, antimicrobial and cooling
  • Inclusive sizing available in Small to 2-3XL sizes and Short to Tall height range
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada; TIME Magazine Best Inventions of 2018

Best Compression Pantyhose for Men & Women

How to say it, this compression pantyhose is actually the most suitable for men and women who often stand in daily work. You need to buy one yourself to know how it feels to wear it.

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About the product

  • 20-30 mmHg firm support compression pantyhose helps prevent and relieve varicose veins, leg & ankle swelling, edema, tired aching legs, compression through the legs and thighs, creating body shaping effect.
  • Graduated gradient compression pantyhose provide 20-30mmHg graduated compression from ankle to thigh. Designed to help improve circulation, which can prevent and treat fatigue, pain, stiffness, soreness, swelling, varicose veins
  • Graduated gradient compression pantyhose provide 20-30mmHg graduated compression from ankle to thigh. Designed to help improve circulation, which can prevent and treat fatigue, pain, stiffness, soreness, swelling, varicose veins
  • In order to ensure the pressure effect, these pantyhose provide a strong compression and tight material which makes it hard to get on at the first time for someone.
  • Buy without any risk! Your satisfaction is our aim. You have got our No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely satisfy your Compression Stockings within the first 30 days, we’ll take them back and refund, no questions asked! You will get a satisfactory solution and five-star service.

Best Men & Women Tights for Casual Wear

Many men may feel embarrassed when they start wearing men’s pantyhose, but you can start with casual wear, which means you can wear long pants and then put on pantyhose inside, such as wearing men’s pantyhose in jeans. Wearing a MANZI Opaque Control-Top Tights 70 Denier in jeans in the fall is a good choice.

Buy Tips: As a man, you should choose a large size pantyhose

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About the Product

  • Imported
  • 87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane
  • Enough Elastic, Fit Perfectly, Stay Up, Durable, Not Fall Down
  • Elegant tights with control top, comfortable to wear
  • Hand wash and well-designed, silky smooth and remarkable soft
  • Color: Black, Nude, Coffee, Navy Blue, Wine Red

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Hi, I am Jess. Li! I live in Chengdu with my lovely son and my dear husband. This site is about sharing men's pantyhose, Tights, Compression pantyhose, etc. Of course, it will also introduce how to choose and buy.

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  1. Like many men out there wearing panty house isn’t something I wouldn’t be embarrassed about but due to the weather on my side it it quite a necessity now and many people have been going for them. I just checked the shipping fees and they are quite good as this is what usually turns me off from shipping online. After a few hustle will make sure I get the sheertex unbreakable. Thanks people really need to know about these.

  2. Yeah, you’re absolutely right, and I agree with you that shopping online might be a better or even best options for men when it comes to shopping for pantyhose. This is because shopping for pantyhose by women in the shops do not garner attention as it does for men.

    Anyways, I would love to get the Sheertex Unbreakable Pantyhose for myself and my Lil brother so he can use it for more comfort while at the gym. He’s definitely going to appreciate and love that!🤗😍

    And for myself, I would add the Manzi Opaque Control-Top Tights 70 Denier so I can wear it to work with my skirts.

    Thank goodness I found this blog, I no longer have to bother about where to buy high-quality pantyhose as they are now easily accessible at my fingers tips. 

  3. I really enjoyed this article. It is becoming more common for men to use hose or compression pants for workouts, working long hours and things like that. The stigma is beginning to go away I think; II suffer from lower leg edema and compression stockings help me keep that swelling to a minimum.  They really make a difference. Thank you for your honest opinion and review;

    All the best


  4. Finally an article that might help to break the stigma. When I saw the title it was like a breath fo fresh air. It’s like ‘Man bags’. Hand bags for women are an amazing accessory, yet for men they have always been scorned. Anyway, back to pantyhose.

    I am up early, way before the sunrises and within the first half an hour I am out on the local fileds, walking the dogs. Never an issue during the Summer but once the seasons chnage and Winter rears its head, it gets cold at that time of the morning. Also your body is still enjoying the warmth of your bed and the indoors. Having male pantyhose to give you that extra layer of insulation during the cold mornings, is just what is needed.

    On occasion, when I have spotted a heavy frost, I will just put my trousers over the top of my pyjamas. It’s not ideal and they aren’t the best at keeping the cold out. This selection now gives me some choices. Thank you for this. 

  5. Awesome post! The most important thing for me is fit and also quality. Compression Pantyhose Tights hit these two marks  incredibly well for me. I’m on my feet most of the day and I can actually tell the difference after work when I put them on and when I don’t. My legs always feel stronger with them on.


  6. I fully admit that I would never have considered panty hose to wear myself – apart from the old man-tights when I ride to work in winter.  However, I have been recently told by a doctor that due to family medical history that I should be wearing them when I fly long haul so I guess I did have to ask which you would recommend for that?

    My Dr reckons just to get some cheap women’s ones and make sure they are tight but just wanted to see if there was a better option for me?

    Thanks for the article


  7. Hey thank you for the awesome article!  In Kentucky here it just got cold all of a sudden, so I am glad to have found this post!  I usually wear them while I workout, and while I’m running outside!  I have been needing a good pair, because, believe it or not, I only started wearing them this year.  It’s not a style that has caught on in Kentucky yet, but it slowly is.  Thank you!

  8. This product answers many needs,of men for cold weather wear,especially for those men, who are a little shy about buying such things in a shop, when buying them on line, or with your cell phone,is a better option.

    We are thankful that the manufacturers,have decided to produce pantyhose for men,which are specifically made, for men,unbreakable,extra reinforcing where needed,larger sizes.

    Many men may ask, why should men need to buy special pantyhose, when they can wear thermal underwear?

    Men may also ask, do men’s pantyhose only come in black,or is there a special color range suitable for men?

    • Hi, Robert Trevor

      In the words of one of my men’s friends, wearing a men’s pantyhose is more personal and warm.
      In fact, men’s pantyhose and women’s pantyhose there have the same colors and styles, you can look for Amazon through the link above.

  9. WOW, great stuff,

    I love to pantyhose.but in my country I don’t have good place to buy pantyhose. also I always care about the quality of I wear joggers for the gym.

    Definitely I will buy Comfort4Men Pantyhose on amazon.thank you for sharing link.also you explained all about the pantyhose. really appreciate it.

    Keep share valuable information like this. Thanks again!

  10. Hi! I really like this article. I honestly never thought about men wearing pantyhose before, but you are absolutely right. There is no difference between our legs. It doesn’t matter who you are being on your feet all day can take its toll. I really appreciate your knowledge on the subject and that you got me thinking about this. Good luck and if I come across someone who I believe can use them, I will be sure to direct them to your site. Thank you!!

  11. Thanks for posting this article about men’s pantyhose, it’s nice. Unlike before when pantyhose are majorly regarded as female wears, we now have men’s pantyhose that are relatively suitable for different purposes. I really like the Autumn Men’s Pantyhose suitable For Gym Wear, it’ll be very convenient to train in it and it will definitely last long, I’ll get one as soon as possible. Thanks for the information and the help.

  12. I think compression pantyhose make a huge difference for anyone who stands and walks a lot regardless if someone is male or female. It helps to support your legs so you don’t feel tired. I think if a man needs extra support, it is perfectly fine to invest in a few good pairs of pantyhose.

  13. This is an interesting read..I never knew men would be interested in purchasing pantyhose…I’ve always bought my husband long johns for the winter months…Even though I think it’s great idea..I can’t see my husband wearing these anytime Really good read..I enjoyed your article, keep up the great work! Best of luck:)

  14. I had used pantyhose before and it broke easily that I don’t use it anymore. From your article, Sheertex seems like a good choice to solve this problem that I may want to give it a try. Another choice is the compression type whereby it is good for tired aching legs. Not sure if this last as long as Sheertex. I’ll have to decide between these two.

  15. Compression panty hoses are so important when you have to stand all day. They keep your legs from feeling as tired and they help insulate as well. I often work in a warehouse for ten hours a day and in the winter months the insulation is much needed. I do have problems when it comes to not putting holes in my toes however,would you have a recommendation for that?

  16. I am speechless. So I understand the idea of under armor and even compression socks, long johns and now i suppose men`s pantyhose. But why in the world do they not call it something different? I think if they would simply rename this industry and call it something a big more manly then more men would actually be interested- Great article and I found it quite informative. I think it is great that you have the confidence to go out on the edge and talk about something that is not mainstream or easy for some to hear.

    Best of luck with the site. 

  17. Gotta say I never thought, as a man, I would be shopping for pantyhose… for me! Your article is very informative and now I have a proper perspective of “pantyhose for men”. Winter is cold where I live and wearing what is traditionally called ‘long underwear’ (for men) is pretty much mandatory. The big difference I see here between long underwear and men’s pantyhose is that the pantyhose include covering the feet all in one piece. Probably keeps a guy even warmer. Ok, I’m sold, pantyhose it is. Thanks for the info.       

  18. Hi There;

    The men in my life are actually used to wearing hose and stockings for a variety of reasons. My son is a dancer, so he uses tights and hose regularly. And, you’re right, he needs could quality or they don’t last.

    My husband works on his feet all day and has been using compression stockings for several years. Lately, he’s had some added issues with blood clotting, so I think the full size, ankle to thigh compression hose might be a better option than the knee-high stockings. I’ll check those out.

    I’m glad you presented a good variety of options here,
    Stella 🙂

    • Hi, Stella

      Thank you for your message and tell me the real thought. Men should really wear pantyhose when they need it. I suggest that you buy compression pantyhose for medical use for your husband, which may be good for his health.

  19. Hi,

    The comfort for men panty hoes sound like they may be ideal. I live in the UK and with winter approaching I often need something to wear under my shorts to go on my runs. It sounds as thought this brand has been designed for men who are active and exercising, any idea if they stand up to regular running/ jogging?

    • Hi, Nate Stone

      The most men’s pantyhose look like hoses, they are very durable, especially the Sheertex Unbreakable Pantyhose is great, you don’t have to worry about wearing it.

  20. Hi there, 

    I didn’t realize that pantyhose were something that men wore for warmth. 

    I have seen athletes and footballers with this type of wear, but did not know that this was something that is just worn around casually.

    I struggle getting a pair of jeans on sometimes! I can’t imagine getting these on.

    Are they hard to put on and take off?



    • Hi, Stevie

      Men’s pantyhose is very convenient to wear and take off like a lady. If you wear jeans and wear pantyhose inside, it is very easy to wear jeans. You can try it.

      Of course, if you don’t mind, you can also buy large size women’s pantyhose to wear.

  21. Thank you, great article. I never knew much about men’s pantyhose. Can they be worn to the gym, to keep the legs warm during leg exercises? It sounds like the men’s pantyhose suitable for gym wear would be good for leg exercises. Or, if you’re a runner or cyclist, and you need to run or cycle outside, and keep your legs warm. 

    It’s interesting because I usually thought pantyhose were just for women. But you’re right, that’s not true because we both have legs and we both need to keep our legs warm. Thanks!

  22. Autumn is sure fast approaching and we need to get prepared for it. In the past, when I was in university, I put on this pantyhose to keep myself warm and at the same time to prevent myself from mosquitoes and other flies from bitting. This Sheertext pantyhose seem to be transparent a bit, can it provide a refreshing warm atmosphere when putting it on?, I think I like this best compression pantyhose for Men & Women, because of the thickness. It can be a great option for myself and my hubby.

  23. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share this collection of men’s pantyhose. Colder climates can create some uncomfortably cold and dangerous conditions, so this information is shared at just the right time to keep the fellas warm. There are still so many outdoor activities at this time of year and it’s good to have options to stay comfortable and warm when outside. 

  24. I know this article is more geared towards men buying pantyhose I really like that some of your suggestions can be worn by women as well. I always have trouble with my pantyhose ripping when I wear them so I don’t wear them that much. So thank you for introducing me to some more durable solutions. I’ll have to try out the Sheertex.

    • Hi, SaillingAway

      I just bought 2 pair to try out—one black, one medium nude.
      The first day, I’m trying out the black. They were easy to get on, light in weight but definitely thicker than most pantyhose. They are comfortable. But, they are cooler than conventional pantyhose.

  25. I was most pleased with your presentation Compression Pantyhose 20-30 mmHg Nursing Support for Women & Men Relief Varicose Veins Edema Gradient Pressure. And it really has a very good price. Unfortunately Amazon is not in my country and shipping costs a lot.

    All the best to you

  26. Hallo there, 

    My friend has been telling me about men’s pantyhose and he has really been praising them as a good fit for cold weather. And since autumn is just around the corner, I decided I should look deeper into them to see if I can really get my best fit. I see there are many options to go with. I have personally liked the sheertex unbreakable because it’s feature are exactly what I’m looking for. Although it looks ladyish, it still is what I want for the cold weather. Thanks heaps for the detailed look.

    • I just bought 2 pair of Sheertex to try out,

      They are comfortable. Suitable for men to wear under jeans. There is a lot of compression going on in these much more so than standard pantyhose or tights. The compression makes them feel like men’s ballet tights.

  27. I wear Jomi thigh-high compression stockings for treatment of varicose veins. Do you know the differences between wearing thigh-high stockings or pantyhose?  You are right about learning to put them on the first time. My stockings are comfortable to wear and reduce the amount of leg fatigue. So I don’t worry about wearing them with a pair of shorts outdoors in public. I assume people think I am a runner or an athlete in training. 

  28. Great article about the best 2019 compression pants for men! I like to use compression pants when im in the gym, it feels like I get some “extra power” and my muscles won’t break cause muscles get warm faster. Maybe it’s just in my head but no matter if its placebo or real effects, it helps. Do you have specific articles or reviews of the best compression pants for sports or gym? However, I will take a further look at your website. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi, jessetoikkanen

      Thank you for your attention and comment. I have been busy moving in the past few days. waite I have time in a few days. I will release some best compression pants for sports or gym.

  29. Wow, this is a really nice article, I always issues with my pantyhose, they’re always breaking due to the poor quality of most products out there. I always love to workout I my pantyhose but most times, I end up changing it Evey month. Thanks for posting this article about your pantyhose, I like the product and its really of great quality. I’ll get mine as soon as I can. Thanks for the help.

  30. I’ve always found pantyhose to break easily. I’m happy to see that you have a recommendation that doesn’t easily break. That is one of the most frustrating things with pantyhose. You can buy a pair and they get torn before you even wear them! It is nice to see that they come in larger sizes for tall and plus sized men and women. Fit can be difficult for us tall people! 

  31. Hi, 

    This is a very interesting article. I like your product presentation, it’s very commercial and unique.  I have always wondered if there could be a product like this, I’m sure the demand is high.  Men really need to wear pantyhose for comfort, and to boost confidence, knowing that everything is tucked nicely – with no embarrassing surprises. It’s a great product, and it’s sexy.

    All the best.

  32. Hello there, thanks for this post. I am actually on the look for a pantyhose for my son who gets shock in his joints when he is exposed to cold. I love the varieties of pantyhose here and the prices are quite alright for anyone who wishes to get one. Thanks for tips on how to get pantyhose for a male as well.

    • I am very happy that my article can help you. The fall of the northern hemisphere has arrived, and the winter is not far away. It is really useful to buy pantyhose for men in the house.

  33. This is interesting, because I never before thought that men would wear pantyhose. On going through the article i see how useful it could be and I showed it to my husband who said he would be interested in buying and wearing pantyhose. I can see that it would really come in handy wo keep warm and for use at the gym, Thanks for the information.

    • Yes, you can try to buy a pair of men’s pantyhose for your husband, Men’s Pantyhose Suitable For Gym Wear is worth buying.

  34. I really do like the idea of a pantyhose. I am just starting off a  gym class personally and I feel it’s really embarrassing to shop for a panty hose in a store so that is why I have landed here. This are all good past hose and I feel I will definitely have a pick here. Thank you for the detailed information. Cheers!

  35. This is very much interesting and has come in handy too. I and my hubby would be needing this. Firstly, I don’t know that men also put on pantyhose but as it has appears, this is a plus. At least, we can start preparing for the winter as soon as possible. This would especially come in handy as an additional wears during the morning outdoor exercises in the morning as it would provide extra body cover. Also, I would like to consult my hubby before buying any of these. Thanks for the suggestions

    • I am very happy to hear your thoughts. First of all, the early pantyhose is actually worn by men first. With the development of the times, pantyhose seems to be a fashion item for ladies, but now the situation has changed. Men also like to wear pantyhose. In winter, you should buy a pair of men’s pantyhose for your husband, which is very warm.


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